As one of the first mapping companies, if not the first, to successfully deliver IMDF through Apple’s MapKit JS on an active website;

JAX WEB MAPĀ  (view on laptop / for mobile you will need to view through their mobile application)

we have first hand knowledge of all the ins and outs of delivering a successful deployment using Apple’s tools. We also have our own proprietary tools to deliver map rendering and more and as such we are constantly the restrictions on what may be possible from maximum zoom levels to how to deliver seamless clustering.

What we do see though now is that we believe there will be a proliferation of use cases for indoor maps and, with this, a need for an seamless deployment. Web deployment is only going to increase as it is now possible to provide indoor positioning via a web service, meaning that aside from certain user experience draw backs, web can offer a similar solution to native deployments. The big positive on this is cost saving on code (Android and iOS) and any integration challenges.

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Some visuals from web based offerings here: