This year in 2020, we will be looking at answering some of the key pain points that our clients have when it comes to managing their venues…

In relation to airports – one of the key challenges for airports and airlines is ensuring that passengers get to their gate on time to prevent delays. Here are a couple of ways to mitigate this:

  1. Have clear signage that directs passengers clearly to the Gates and also the time to walk to that area
  2. Use digital maps either via kiosks or on the mobile so that passengers can explore and navigate around the airport
  3. Use indoor positioning technology to help users know where they are in relation to their gate
  4. Use tracking technology and communicate with those passengers who may appear to be too far away
  5. Have strategically placed info points to help offer navigation advice for those needing it

Offering digital wayfinding and indoor maps as another engagement channel will only serve to help passengers in getting to their departure gate on time and once you start integrating this with live data feeds passengers can even optimise their route by selecting less crowded security checkpoints and even pick up that coffee along the way by searching along the route.

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