We have regular talked around the uses cases of indoor maps, indoor positioning and wayfinding for venues and I wanted to revisit the map element of this process.

Working closely with Apple, we are proud to have played a significant role in testing and rolling out their new Indoor Map Data Format, and we see it as the future format for all indoor mapping needs – why?

The bottom line is that in a lot of venues that are looking to maximise their digital real estate, being able to embed, showcase, and edit dynamic content is key to running a ‘real-time’ operation. In addition the ability to do this across each of your platforms – web, iOS and Android is also a necessity without the need to replicate content.

At Point, the very essence of our solution is that it is custom built for our client needs and the flexibility of the IMDF data structure enables us to service all use cases. From a museum map that needs visuals constantly updated to airport operations that showcase all the serviceable assets of the venue – IMDF is set-up for all.

As an end to end solution, we take our clients from concept to implementation and are looking forward to showcasing more use cases as they arrive.

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