Are you a venue owner, operator or even an airline that has multiple airports that you serve? If so, you have likely explored adding indoor maps to your offering.

Why are indoor maps becoming more relevant now? The quick answer is they are now considered a key component of the digital experience. Venue owners and operators looking to enhance the passenger and visitor experience of their location, are now using digital maps to visualise and maximise their digital real estate. Typically an indoor digital map is now being employed to satisfy these current challenges and open up further opportunities:

  1. To solve wayfinding challenges in their venue
  2. To improve the digital experience of their users by offering another touchpoint
  3. Help users search and explore the indoor environment
  4. To be a digital leader by showcasing new innovative solutions such as indoor positioning
  5. To unlock revenue opportunities through their digital real estate
  6. To drive operational improvements, underpinned by dynamic digital maps

Understanding the benefits you are looking for will then enable you to select the optimal path. At Point, we believe it is important to keep indoor mapping simple and efficient. Use the map to meet a need or a challenge and then build from there.

With experience across different industries, we are working with our partners to ensure they can benefit from enhancements in tech to solve real industry challenges.

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Point’s indoor map solution enables interactive digital maps, wayfinding and indoor positioning to be effortlessly integrated into both mobile and web-based applications.Our solution is being used in a variety of ways across key sectors; from improving the customer experience in airports and shopping malls, to supporting venue operations and maintenance.