We’d wager you’re reading this indoors. And we have the statistics on our side – the average person in a developed country spends close to 90% of his time indoors.

With the rise of smart devices, increased connectivity, and rapid urbanisation, the indoors space is a bustling hub of activity and big data waiting to be tapped and leveraged on to deliver better services, products and outcomes.

Indoor location is the cornerstone to bringing about next-level user experiences in a digital, connected ecosystem. The indoor location market, according to a Statistics MRC study, is forecast to grow at a startling 39.7% CAGR to 2023, reaching $52 billion in size.

To us, indoor location is about revolutionising the simple things. ‘Why have I not thought about it earlier?’ is the question we want people to ask. Can’t remember where you left the car, and how much parking time you have left? Indoor mapping shows you exactly where it is, and how much the parking charges are. Got a (digital) coupon? Here’s where you can use it, and we’ll bring you right to the shopfront too. Want to beeline to that Van Gogh in a new museum which is closing in half an hour? Yup, we got that covered too.

Our experience also extends to the facilities and event management field – want to find out which restroom needs an urgent cleaning? Immediately dispatch technicians to fix a broken lamp? How congested are the immigration lines at the airport? Combining indoor location technology with sensors and cloud, the possibilities are almost endless.

There are many potential use cases for indoor mapping that will drive new value creation – the only thing we know for sure, is we have barely stuck our toe into the water that is the great indoors.

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