A positive Attendee and Exhibitor experience is critical to ensure the success of your event. There has been a tendency to neglect the Delegate or Attendee in favour of the Sponsors and Exhibitors, blind sided by the size of the immediate opportunity they provide. Now the exhibition market is extremely competitive and Attendees expect more from their chosen event and it is up to Organisers to ensure they meet this expectation and offer them a premium service, especially when they are paying premium ticket prices.

Our view and it’s a view that I am sure will resonate with all those who plan, run and attend events, the following issues still remain prominent.

For Attendees: How do I find those exhibitors most relevant to me?

For Exhibitors: How do I ensure that I am engaging with those Attendees who are most appropriate for me?

For Organisers: How do I offer a differentiated service that all my stakeholders will benefit from? And am I am able to unlock additional revenue channels?

For Sponsors: How can I ensure visibility and connections in a digital environment?

While there are tools and techniques far removed from digital maps, that may offer solutions to these challenges, we do believe that there is a real gap that can be closed using digital maps efficiently.

From an Attendee perspective – wouldn’t it be great if you could access a personalised dynamic digital map, that highlighted the booths that were of most interest to you based on your inputs at registration. Also, having the ability to¬†search by key words to bring up those exhibitors that would offer you the most benefit to visit surely would be an upgrade on existing static or paper maps that rarely get used. The fact that every Attendee could access a map personalised to them, not only provides a premium experience for them but ensures a better digital engagement that will benefit Sponsors and Exhibitors alike.

For Exhibitors, any improvement to ensure a closer link between interested Attendees is a benefit – not to replace a matchmaking /networking app but rather complement it to widen your appeal to those who may have a passing interest in your offering.

For Organisers, it’s about maximising your digital real estate, to ensure all stakeholders benefit. If Attendees and Exhibitors are interacting digitally, there are real opportunities to help Sponsors target their messaging through additional channels. Worried whether apps are no longer used, then use different methods to ensure higher take-up rates¬† – our solution can work directly via the Web meaning not only limited integration required, users would not even need to download an app. Other options include strategically placed tablets around the Venue that offer wayfinding directions and the ability to explore interests.

Whatever the size of your Venue or Event, we would be interested to explore options that could work for you. We run stand alone IT solutions as well as integrating into existing IT infrastructure so are experienced in delivering a myriad of options.

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