There has been a significant uptick in the number of stadiums globally that are focusing more on how they can improve the fan experience. There are a number of initiatives in place from enhancing the atmosphere to making the experience more seamless, often driven by a digital transformation.

QPR, a football club in the UK, recently launched their cashless stadium, driving their fans down a ‘tap and go’ route that I am sure will become the norm for Premier League clubs going forward. It’s all about efficiency and ensuring the fans can maximise their enjoyment from their day out.

We are currently talking to a number of stadiums around digital wayfinding and how this can be used to support a better fan experience. We see this journey start from your home and take you to the stadium itself providing fans with the best way to get to their seat with the minimum of fuss. Incorporating live travel information and push notifications to give fans a personalised feel will only improve their connection with the club and their digital tools.

Once in the stadium, using indoor maps for location based ordering / pre-order and pick up will become the norm and prevent lengthy queues at breaks in the game. Also the ability to explore and find pertinent information within the stadium (bars serving real ale or where to get that souvenir gift from), is all a bonus to the fan experience.

Also from an operational angle using indoor maps to run location based issue reporting is just another tool that interactive indoor maps enable stadium operators to put in place.

We look forward to working with stadiums as they start benefiting from digital enablers.