COVID-19, the virus, the corona or whatever we want to call it did not discriminate when it arrived and has caused unprecedented challenges to businesses the world over with obviously the human death toll weighing the heaviest. That said like there is a growing force to plan the route ahead and businesses are finding ways to move past this and get themselves up and running again.

With that mind, the tech industry has been hard at work developing solutions that can help different industries plot a path forward, the difficulty for businesses is to cut through to what is practically needed. I am not sure I buy fully into ‘the new normal’ buzz as people characteristics are engrained and we tend to forget things pretty quickly, you just have to look at history to see how we revert back to normality pretty quickly!

That said, we all have a part to play to help companies find a way forward and actually maps can play an important part in this process. Think of universities or other venues that have high footfall, how can you direct people efficiently to their end destination based on a new set of rules. These rules can be driven by max students in a lecture room or communicating what shops are open or closed due to pandemic measures etc. Maps provide a great visual to help communicate necessary information to end users. Imagine arriving at a mall / museum / university and QR coding a webmap direct to your phone that gave you all the insights in real time you needed to move yourself efficiently and safely around a venue.

We are exploring a number of avenues around this and always welcome thoughts from the industry and what is practical and efficient for their own use cases. contact usĀ  –

Visual example to dynamically show Rooms that are closed / open for use: